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  • Babyteeth (2020) review

    Babyteeth might be the most depressing film of the year when we really don’t need a depressing film at the time. However, the performances were all outstanding including Ben Mendelssohn who gave his strongest performance since Bloodline. Synopsis: BABYTEETH is Shannon Murphy’s (KILLING EVE) powerful, coming-of-age feature debut. When seriously ill teenager Milla (Eliza Scanlen)… Read more

  • The Truth (2020) Review

    The Truth is a little bit of an uneven effort from everyone involved. It tries a little too hard to mimic the works of Richard Linklater, which is why I suppose they cast Ethan Hawke(who is always charismatic). However, in this film, he falls a little flat, especially the supporting cast around him. I’m still… Read more

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