Critters Attack! Fantasia 2019 Review!

Critters Attack is the newest entry of the lucrative cult favorite franchise “Critters” which previously had 4 entries that were all PG-13 this is the first one in the franchise that is rated “R” but it is a TV movie for SYFY as well so I don’t know how viewers will be able to tell the rating here will make that much of a difference when it came to the original installments over the years. I didn’t see much of the original franchise I did see Critters 2 and Critters A New Binge! This is more of the lines of Critters A New Binge. All though it does feature a wonderful cameo from Dee Wallace. If you were some the people that enjoyed the Shudder original I’m sure this will be up your alley. I don’t think these films are aimed towards me but I did find quite a few highlights along the way that I found myself enjoying the 85 minute runtime of the new feature film. I like campy films like this so I did find myself enjoying the campiness of the plot which can be at times silly. The acting here is much more invested then I thought the Shudder original Critters A New Binge! Was you can tell the budget effected the designs of the creatures and made them look a little silly as well. Yes I have seen enough of the previous takes to understand that this is generally what they look like but with a slightly better effort they could have looked really cool. I just found the design to be below a B movie production value. This does work better as a feature length movie than it would as a stretched out show on TV however. I do think a miniseries with the right budget can bring out wonders for the Critters revival. Were not quite there yet but this was a decent effort.


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