Deadsight 2019 review

Deadsight review

Deadsight is a breath of fresh air to the zombie genre it’s a lot like Don’t Breathe in a way. That the main character is blind and walking his way through the zombie apocalypse it’s a white knuckle nail biter of a thriller. On such a tight run time of 81 minutes so it never lets you go which admirable. RJLE films continue to blow you away with low budget horror continuing their hot streak after “Mandy” came out last year. Adam Seybold did a phenomenal job as the lead. Jesse Thomas Cook also did a great job directing the film. A lot these genre films suffer when they have such a low budget this film didn’t. I would highly recommend it to our viewers.


A pregnant police officer and a blind man fight for their lives against swarms of the living dead.

Release date
July 2nd 2019 digital VOD outlets

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