Crawl 2019 review

Crawl is the most tense time at a theater this summer

I have to say I was very skeptical about a premise like Crawl then I talked to the brothers who wrote it and they told me their image of the film and how it came together so I started to have an open mind towards it and I’m glad I saw it on opening night.

It’s something you should see on a really big screen. With tons of sound also see it in the dark with a huge crowd. You’ll get so many gasp and wtf moments it’s a really fun time at the cinemas and it should be the resurrection of Creature Features on the big screen in the golden era of Stephen King adaptations it’s nice to see horror go back to creature feature elements. Roger Corman would have been proud with this one so damn much. There is so much that will make you squirm and piss your pants it’s flat out an amazing experience.

Barry Pepper hasn’t been this good in eons! We can finally forget he was in Battlefield Earth! He was honestly born for this part he brought so much veteran depth and heart to this it will tug at your emotions in all the right ways. You’ll cheer you’ll cry and cheer some more. Kaya Scodelario might be Jessica Chastain’s only competition at best horror actress of the year just a simply breathtaking performance. Please go see this movie ASAP!

5/5 stars

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