Luz is one of the best possession films of all time

Luz is the most innovative possession film in the past few decades and possibly ever. It’s so uniquely made and crafted that it flips the scripts on modern possession and raises the bar incredibly high! I can’t say enough good things about this film I will it will make my top ten films of the year in horror. After I said The Gangster The Cop The Devil was my favorite foreign film of the year to date. Luz completely changes that statement! The detective work in this possession case is so surreal and it’s elevated by the extravagant acting level which is sublimely brought to live from its cast which should all get some recognition. If you want a film to turn on night and just scare the piss out of you this one is it! This is simply one of my all time favorite possession movies!! I heard that this was the filmmakers art school thesis and if that’s the case I cannot wait to see what he has in store! He may be the next James Wan!

A demonic entity follows a young female cabdriver into a run-down police station.


5/5 stars

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