Jades Asylum Fantasia 2019 Review

Jade’s Asylum 2019 Fantasia is a bit of a mixed bag with a third act that delivers.

For me Jades Asylum was bit of a mixed bag the pacing was a bit uneven and some of the acting wasn’t there. A lot of the characters I didn’t really care most of them seemed self focused and self absorbed. This was one of my biggest issues I seemed to have with “Revenge” as well there just wasn’t much to take away from this film. I typically love slow burn and films that rely on their atmosphere more than their jump scares. This one however left me a bit disappointed the trailer looked fine but then again in 90 seconds you can make anything look amazing.

The things I can find worth mentioning from this is the costume design department did a fantastic job along with the department who designed the creatures that’s what really delivered on the third act for me. I did like that it was a well intended film but for me it didn’t really work all the way.

While attending a housewarming party in Costa Rica, Jade Williams is victim of a psychotic episode. But Jade’s delusional jealousy disorder may have nothing to do with it. Don’t build a mansion on sacred ground, some landowners had said.

Final Grade:

2/5 stars.

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