Gwen Review

RLJE Films has partnered with Shudder, AMC Networks’ streaming service for horror, thriller and the supernatural, to bring the highly anticipated thriller Gwen to theaters, VOD and Digital HD on August 16, 

GWEN is another homer run from RJLE and Shudder who’s last major hit was “Mandy” this however is a perfect folklore in horror in which I had an interview with the director and he said how big he was on to folklore and building atmosphere and avoiding jump scares. It shows here the atmosphere is dripping in ominous dread and is on par with classics such as The Witchfinder General.

Gwen started shocking audiences in TIFF and now that it’s released on VOD I hope it finds the audience it deserves especially when it hits Shudder this is one you’ll need to watch at night with the lights off. It’s unrelentingly suspenseful.

Final grade 5/5

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