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Killer Sofa Review-Infamous Movies

The next big thing in cult cinema is here! Killer Sofa has the perfect niche that The Room has. It’s that batshit crazy of a plot that you will show to your friends like “Have you heard of Killer Sofa?” It’s about a Sofa that gets possessed and starts killing people!!! Yes as far fetched as the story seems the film plays off it magically it’s something to behold. I’ve seen a lot of uncorked entertainment releases this is by far one of the best I’ve seen! I usually would tear movies like this apart because they don’t know their audience but Killer Sofa gets it. This would be the perfect double billing with the previous mentioned “The Room”. I can’t wait for people to start appreciating this film there will be non stop hate at first but man, this movie is special I can’t say enough good things about it. Even the campy acting throws in for a tailspin of nostalgia from the early 70s for example One Dark Night. This is a perfect midnight movie for you and your group of friends will enjoy for years to come!


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