Eegah Blu-Ray Review

Eegah Blu-Ray Review

Eegah is a 1962 schlock theater type horror movie that is best watched with a group of people like The Room and Velocipastor it’s a wild ride that even Mystery Science Theater 3000 had to get in on in its hay day. It has to be seen to be believed it was made with the rebel without a crew style that made Robert Rodriguez famous and paved the way for Drive in horror films that became our favorites so now we take a look back on Eegah that tells the following storie.

After Roxy Miller (Marilyn Manning) encounters enormous caveman Eegah (Richard Kiel) while driving down a remote California road, her writer father, Robert (William Watters), heads out to the desert to prove his daughter’s claims are true. Once there, Robert is knocked unconscious and trapped in Eegah’s cave, where he gains some insight into prehistoric life. But, when Roxy and her boyfriend, Tom (Arch Hall Jr.), come to rescue Robert, Eegah grows fond of the girl and refuses to let her leave.

Now yes this is a movie you should know what to expect when there’s a mystery science theater 3000 episode on it so take it as it may it is actually quite enjoyable the 4K restoration is phenomenally well executed the color just pops off the screen now I had the privilege of watching this off my 75” Inch Samsung QLED TV and it was just incredible eye popping visually on this Blu-Ray release.

The sound however has its struggles throughout dipping in and out at some points of the transfer though I cannot fully fault the studio on that it was probably filmed that way and that was the best they could do with such a shoestring budgeted film like Eegah I really did have fun watching this late Saturday night it was really a blast to see it for the first time on this format.

The Special features included

The Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode

A retrospective interview with Arch Hall Jr where he talks about keeping the film inside the family and how his family members made cameos throughout the film.

Also an retrospective interview with Joel Hodsson where he takes a look back at the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode and talks about meeting Arch Hall Jr.

Overall grade for the Blu-Ray release

5/5 stars

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