Jason Goes to Hell documentary: Hearts of Darkness: The Making of The Final Friday indiegogo going strong.

The Final Friday the 13th Jason Goes To Hell documentary “Hearts of Darkness: The Making of The Final Friday”

Over the years, Jason Goes To Hell has divided fans of the Friday the 13th franchise and has since gained a cult following. Adam Marcus, Allie Rivera, TJ Bowser and Nick Hunt have been really hard at this campaign, which began last month and is ending in 25 days.

Their main focus on making this film is to tell the untold story of why a major studio would let a first-time director direct the biggest horror franchise in film history and allow them to kill Jason in the first 10 minutes of the film.

Our friend Adam Marcus, the director of Jason Goes To Hell, recently launched a campaign for a documentary for Jason Goes To Hell The Final Friday, the most controversial installment of the franchise. It is now sitting at 68% funded, which is an impressive achievement, but we need your help to get it completely funded. There’s plenty of amazing perks that diehard Friday the 13th fans would love, including one-of-a-kind Bill Hunt-drawn pictures exclusive to the campaign, the iconic Jason is Dead 2 for 1 Burger sale sign, a custom Diana Kimble doll and other exclusives to the campaign. Also, a really amazing perk is the ultimate Hock stand, as well as an incredible dagger replica from the film.

Whether you’re a fan of the film or not, Adam Marcus has said that he is not making a fluff piece. There will be honesty in the documentary that will make him cringe. It will be the perfect documentary whether you’re a fan or not.

$10 dollars will help the Indiegogo campaign a lot!

Here is the link to the Indiegogo campaign.


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