Primal 2019 Review

Primal 2019 Review

Primal is a new movie from Lionsgate starring Nicholas Cage in top form this brings back us back to his career redeeming role in Mandy last year. There is now chewing up the scenery that he is infamous for. Here in Primal he is pretty much grounded and for those who like his adventure films like Con-Air will love this film. There are some horror elements to keep the genre fans interested in this film. Kevin Durand plays a dangerous killer named Richard and he plays it like Silence of The Lambs here which is why I think horror fans can let this be a popcorn movie and pure entertainment they can really like this film because Kevin Durand is really special here. Michael Imperioli has a great small part in this film as well most know him from his star turning role on HBO’s The Sopranos.

Famke Janssen is also a real treat to watch in Primal it’s probably her most entertaining role in a really long time.

The synopsis is a little bit of a run of the mill typical adventure film.

Hunter and collector Frank Walsh expects a big payday after bagging a priceless white jaguar for a zoo. But the ship bearing Frank’s precious cargo has another predator. A political assassin facing extradition to America.

There’s something about the casts chemistry to keep this thing afloat.

5/5 stars

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