The Shed 2019 Review

The Shed is a phenomenal movie that features a lot of suspense thrills and dread amongst its characters that is reminiscent of Rivers Edge. Jay Jay Warren is flat out awesome as Stan he carries the movie with a demanding emotionally driven role that is stunning to watch.

After the death of his parents, teenager Stan is living with his strict grandfather in his farmhouse and life isn’t exactly going great. The girl he fancies at school is now hanging out with the school bully, Marble, who just so happens to torment Stan and his mate Dommer on a near-daily basis. So when he comes home to find something or someone lurking in his grandfather’s shed, he sends in the dog to go get it with bone-crunching consequences. Freaking out, he has no choice but to tell his abusive grandfather Ellis who decides to venture into the shed and sort it out himself despite Stan’s pleas. As you can imagine, this doesn’t end well for Ellis and suddenly Stan finds himself more alone than he’s ever felt. Unable to tell the authorities, as that would result in him being taken into care or back to borstal, he’s stuck with a ticking time bomb in his shed that he must conceal whilst trying to cover the fact that his sole guardian has been ripped to shreds.

The cast is really good here, with very few bumps along the way. Sure, it isn’t a perfect movie but it is recommended especially if you have ever read the book called A God In The Shed. It’s a cool little flick that goes a long way.

3/5 stars.

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