In Bright Axiom Review 2019

In Bright Axiom 2019 Review

In Bright Axiom is a unique mocumentary which is a fake documentary given to us like a real documentary. It’s such a weird and bizarre experience to really give a straight forward review to for those who want to see it you just have to see to fully believe it. It is one of the best mocumentaries in recent years. The synopsis for the film is weird itself.


a docu-fantasy adventure to explore the unique and unusual House of the Latitude, where participants are forced to expand their notion of reality and their ability to trust the unknown in order to fully participate in this social experiment.

Now as strange as that seems it’s stranger than fiction mentality really pays off it’s a bold move for the director to attempt something like this and for it to pay off the way it did was fascinating to see.

Overall grade:


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