Last Call Review

Last Call Review

Last Call is a new film by Gavin Michael Booth which is the indie film that every film buff should seek out this year, every once in awhile we’re hit with a filmmaker that makes a statement so quietly loud and this year it’s Gavin Michael Booth and his film Last Call starring his wife Sarah Booth which gives a standing ovation worthy performance she commands the screen in a film shot in one take and in a split-screen which is highly impressive to pull off.

I could not get enough of the score which was fully immersive, whenever I grade a movie I like to listen to the score and if it makes me feel a certain way throughout the film and this score is masterful and feels like another character to the film.

The directing for this film done by Gavin is simply stunning and it’s so hard to take your eyes off of it even for a second! Running a lean 77 minutes he does a phenomenal job at dealing with the pacing with the film and making his technique of one take and a split-screen is not distracting at all and I can’t wait to see what Gavin does next.

Final grade:


Written by AJ Friar

Published by Infamous Movies

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