This should come with a disclaimer to some readers and viewers of the film who easily get upset. It probably won’t be for you and honestly use a kill count for how many times they freely use the word “Retard” in this film. Other than that the film is visually stunning and phenomenal.

The plot of the film is rather simple, while a group of students is on community service, they stumble upon a flesh-eating female ghoul. This is where the movie sets itself apart from other Shudder originals. The comedy is dark and great in this. It’s probably also not a great to keep a monster locked up and to try and replicate plots from movies.

For instance, they take blood from the monster and have someone drink it to see if it will be like the movies. It takes a lot for a movie to be entertaining with no redeeming characters to root for even the protagonist in the film is so flawed it’s hard to like him. If you do have the Shudder app I would recommend this to you. Mon Mon Mon Monsters will be arriving on dvd and Blu-Ray tomorrow February 4th 2020.

For those who easily get upset I probably wouldn’t recommend this to you, however if you can take entertainment and entertaining you should have fun with this one.

Overall grade:

3.5/5 stars

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