Resistance Review

Resistance is the most important movie of the year and features an all-time performance from Jesse Eisenberg. It may be a little too bleak for some viewers and others may find the tension beautifully crafted.

Marcel Mangel became a famous meme that could be caught on late night talk shows later in his career, however, this movie explores his heroism before he became the famous mime that many people know him by now.

It’s a really touching look on how many children he saved during Nazi occupied France during WW2. The statistics of the amount he saved was astounding, what’s even more astounding is that I’ve never heard of this story till this movie came out.

In the time of closed down theaters and people looking for content to view and some movies they’ve never seen before Resistance is well worth your while, even if you’re not sold on Jesse Eisenberg outside of Zombieland 1&2 I would suggest you seek this one out.

Overall grade:

5/5 stars

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