MILLENNIUM BUGS is the new breakout film directed by Alejandro Montoya Marin, who got his first feature produced by Robert Rodriguez in Roberts show on the El Rey Network called Rebel Without a Crew and made his debut feature ’Monday’ for 7K.

Right of the bat Bugs is a major step up from the before mentioned Monday. Even though Monday is the strongest film out of the reality show with The Good Exorcist(now on prime) being a close second. Alejandro has a lot of charisma behind him and he shows it here behind the camera in spades. This is a film that would be taking film festivals by storm if it wasn’t for our circumstances, currently being quarantined.

Katy Erin gives a memorable breakout performance as Kelly that comes off as reminiscent of Mary Elizabeth Winstead in All About Nina, the vulnerability she allows you to see is captivating to watch. Michael Lovato is the exact same way as Miguel, in his life being torn between his immigrant parents and wanting to pursue his dream of being a stand-up comedian.

The chemistry between the actors on screen is really fun to watch, all the relationships are really believable. I’m really impressed with what Alejandro Alex Marin did with his sophomore effort and am looking forward to what he does next.

Overall grade:

4/5 stars

Alejandro’s next movie is called Captive a horror flick starring Scout Taylor-Compton from Rob Zombie’s Halloween franchise.

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