Dementer Chattanooga Film Festival Review

Dementer is probably the independent film of the year, and by independent film I mean shoe-string budget independent film. It was masterful to see this all unfold in front of you. The atmosphere and moodiness of the film will remind you of a major release from A24, if that turns you off by now you probably won’t appreciate this slow-burn that is awe-inspiring.

When I spoke to the director he spoke to me how much it meant to him to work with his sister who has Down Syndrome; he was throwing around ideas in his head how to make it work… Would it be a short film, would it be an actual feature. I’m glad he made this feature it’s especially touching to me to see all the actors with real disabilities act as themselves in Dementer. As someone who is on the spectrum for Autism it spoke levels to me the good intention Chad had in making this film.

He also had to put his own money into this to make it work and Chad I hope you see how much it really pays off once people have the chance to see this. I would love for a streaming service like Shudder to pick this up, or even something like Tubi would be perfect. The acting in this feels so grounded and powerful because there’s only one person in the cast that is a “Professional Actor” the cast all deliver something special here, you can tell by now I really enjoyed this one and it may be a close favorite from the Chattanooga Film Festival which also features Eat Brains Love and F For Fulci.

Overall grade:

5/5 stars

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