The Truth (2020) Review

The Truth is a little bit of an uneven effort from everyone involved. It tries a little too hard to mimic the works of Richard Linklater, which is why I suppose they cast Ethan Hawke(who is always charismatic). However, in this film, he falls a little flat, especially the supporting cast around him.

I’m still not totally sure if it was the actor’s fault though. The screenplay just felt full of cliches. There was nothing ambitious or original enough in this production to really grab your attention. I really wanted to like The Truth but the pacing was dreadfully slow, making the viewing experience that much more daunting.

The scenery, however, was marvelous if there was one high light I could take away from the film. It would be the production design was amazing, everything looked stunning. Knowing most people won’t go heads over heel for production design, I don’t think a lot of my readers here will enjoy this one.

Overall grade.

1/5 stars

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