Tesla is a new” biopic” starring a phenomenal Ethan Hawke, other than his performance in this experimental film. That, in my opinion, is a strange piece of work… While watching Tesla throughout the film I couldn’t help to tho k of films I watched in class through grade school. When teachers just wanted to pop on a movie to kill a period.

I don’t mean that as a necessarily a bad thing, it just didn’t completely work for me as a whole. I wish this movie had more Jim Gaffigan as he is really having a strong year and is really impressing me with his choices this year.

Tesla is visually stunning and achievement in experimental film, however, people might be expecting a straightforward biopic like I was. At the current time, it may be misunderstood then again when it ages like fine whiskey it should be appreciated by taking a different approach and flipping the biopic culture on its head.

Overall grade:


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