Survival Skills is a trippy new horror movie about what it takes to become a cop which is extremely important to the times. Shot it what seems to be on VHS to give it a retro feel and the filmmakers absolutely knock that out of the park.

Stacy Keach also delivers a fantastic performance as the films narrator. You may be saying but wait a minute… He’s a narrator how can he have a performance, well, I will tell you he just has a presence on camera that admirable here and is incredible to watch him on screen.

Vayu O’Donnell gives a brilliant performance as Jim the cop in training who just tries to promise to much and gets too involved in his cases lives and that’s how it turns into somewhat of a horror film by the film’s finale.

It does have some great cliches about the satanic panic era which really worked for me and the throwback filmmaking by Quinn Armstrong. Overall Survival Skills will find it’s niche audience in due time. It’s a rather enjoyable entry in this year’s Fantasia Film Festival.

Overall grade:

3.5/5 stars

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