Hail to the deadites is a really emotional documentary for all Evil Dead fans and it really works with it’s fantastic fan service. Sometimes when a documentary gets made about the fans of the film it never delivers in retrospective stock footage from the previous films to fan interviews from all over the world. Including a special shout out to good friend John Fallon.

Steve Villeneuve does an excellent job keeping the documentary pacing fast and ferocious as it is only about 78 minutes long it never drags or just lingers on one particular interviewee. It’s one of the best fan documentaries ever made. Also we get to meet some of the stars of the franchise and Bruce’s brother which is a really great and classy move by Steve.

Overall this is a really must have for any Evil Dead fans as it reigns supreme as one of the greatest horror trilogy of all time. This documentary will please most of the fans for sure and it is reviewable.

Overall grade:

5/ 5 stars

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