You Cannot Kill David Arquette is a really touching documentary about David Arquette’s trials and tribulations on trying to be a serious wrestler in a sport where none of the fans seem to want him to be a part of. It must be such a daunting task to think training for a sport in which no one takes you seriously but all in all, that’s a part of everyday life.

Some die-hard fans of wrestling may hate what David Arquette unknowingly did the reputation of it when he won the championship belt. I know quite a few die-hard wrestling fans but I’ve never spoken to them on this topic because for one I always thought it was faked and staged, to begin with.

However, witnessing David’s anxiety and why he wants to be taken seriously as a wrestler really spoke volumes to me as a viewer of the documentary and not necessarily a fan of the sport itself. Though the documentary touches on pretty much everything it does leave a lot of room open which is somewhat disappointing…

I do think fans of David Arquette will appreciate this documentary much more than the die-hard fans of wrestling itself. I felt somewhat underwhelmed by the finished product of You Cannot Kill David Arquette and was hoping for a little bit more juicy moments.

Overall grade:

2.5/5 stars

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