Misbehaviour is a remarkable film about women rights, which is still somehow in 2020 a topic we still need to push for. Keira Knightley delivers an all-time performance as Jessie Buckley also steals the show in Misbehaviour but Jesse is known to do that win all the films she’s in including the terrific Judy in which she should have gained a best-supporting actress nomination.

The direction by Phillippa Lowthorpe is admirable while the pacing may struggle at times and it may come off as a cliched storyline throughout. I personally don’t think the cast really helped elevate Misbehaviour a ton and if it wasn’t for the cast of Keira Knightley and Jessie Buckley the movie may have been at a standstill with what it wanted to be. The importance of this film goes without question as we just recently saw RGB pass away.

However, the major issues and flaws I had with the movie were the supporting cast wasn’t really written out all that great and most of the supporting players like Rhys Ifans and Greg Kinnear just simply felt wooden-flat most of the times and the acting from Greg just felt forced throughout the film.

Overall this film is aimed towards the crowds of Hidden Figures and Battle of The Sexes. If you enjoyed those two films you should rather enjoy Misbehaviour although if you’re going to have to look for a movie that’s similar in tone and has a little bit more well-driven emotion and bite check out the great Military Wives.

Overall Grade: 2.5/5 Stars

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