On The Rocks review

Bill Murray and Rashida Jones are absolutely lovable to watch in On The Rocks. When I first it, I wasn’t too blown away by it but it was still rather enjoyable and better than most films this year and I think that falls on the weight of the casts shoulders. Even Marlon Wayans is fantastic in a down to earth performance that thankfully doesn’t require him to do physical humor.

The real firecracker to watch on scene is not Bill Murray, in fact it’s his costar Rashida Jones(Cop Out and Parks and Rec, The Social Network) who finally gets a chance to shine in a movie that will be widely seen. Though probably not as they intended with the major a list cast, my guess is they wanted it to seen on the big screen. It still may be A24’s Oscar darling this year especially for best supporting actor for Bill Murray(please Academy).

On The Rocks is a great grown up comedy that doesn’t weigh heavy ok vulgar language and is a really insightful look at marriage and a woman’s thought on if it is indeed on the brink or if she’s in a rough patch. On The Rocks is worthy of your time.

Overall grade: 3/5

Written By: AJ Friar

Published by A division of infamous horrors

This is my own site. I am also a podcaster and writer at infamoushorrors.com this is a new page dedicated to smaller films and reviews and interviews that won’t always make it to infamous horrors.

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