A Christmas Carol is a new bold take on the story and keeping its roots as a stage play all at the same by keeping its scenery very intimate. The story is pretty much the same as what you’re used to from the classic story.

The real standouts from A Christmas Carol are it’s visuals which are spectacular and stunning. As well as the acting is surprisingly all spot on. I wasn’t expecting anything from this except maybe something to laugh at in all honesty.

However, it was a really fine film I don’t know if I’ll ever watch it again. Or how much staying power it’ll have over the years but it’s a unique storytelling on a classic.

Starring the voices of Carey Mulligan, Simon Russell Beale, Daniel Kaluuya, Martin Freeman and Andy Serkis


A Christmas Carol follows a Victorian family as they prepare a toy-theatre for their annual performance of A Christmas Carol. The audience enters the imagination of one of the children and quickly the cardboard stage transforms to reveal a magical world containing real dancers and stylised sets. The tale unfolds on screen in a rich tapestry of highly absorbing, haunting and theatrical drama with characters portrayed by dancers and voiced by an eclectic cast of incredible actors. The mix of danced action and spoken narration brings a completely new and exciting dimension to Dickens’ characters whilst remaining true to the beauty of his original narrative

Written by: AJ Friar

Overall grade: 3.5/5 stars

‘A Christmas Carol, directed by Jacqui and David Morris is in cinemas and theatres UK wide and in the US now. You can buy tickets here:


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