Away is a masterfully created animated film that should be one of the best animated films of 2020. It barely has any dialogue in there but away is simply stunning beautiful picture to look at. The CGI is at its best and it still looks like a Pixar quality film that would work best in a large screen format with big sounds in the complete dark to blow people away.

The music composed by Gints Zilbalodis Is just phenomenal and should be recognized by the Academy Awards. It feels like the best of its kind since The Iron Giant and should be on everyone’s watch list and it will be easy to have access to since it’s on Tubi here in the states.

Gints directing skills are magnificent here as well it’s astounding to watch someone with this much skill make something and simple as Away feel like it’s genius which it truly is. I don’t know how else it would’ve turned out if it were anyone but Gints being behind it. Check this out as soon as possible!

Overall grade: 4/5 stars

Written By: AJ Friar

Away is out on most digital platforms.

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