Percy vs Goliath is a run of the mill for the base of its courtroom drama movie genre. It feels much more like a paycheck movie for most involved, when I say that I mean a lot of people are phoning in their performances Walken probably hasn’t been in a great movie since Pulp Fiction. His string of bad performances continue here with Percy Vs Goliath.


Zach Braff tries in Percy Vs Goliath, but honestly I can not tell when he is playing J.D. from Scrubs or is actually acting as someone else as he still remains type cast. This one would be a movie best saved to stream when you got nothing else to watch. Not saying it was completely abysmal, however, it wasn’t good.


The directing by Clark Johnson also is a misfire, with its slow pacing and not having any substance to go along with the story. It’s a frustrating watch to know who’s all behind it and it doesn’t bring anything worth while after the movie ends.


Overall grade: 1.5/5 stars

Written By: AJ Friar

Published by Infamous Movies

My name is AJ Friar. I am the owner of Infamous Movies this is a site where we review more than just horror. Including Comedies, Dramas, Science Fiction, documentaries and more.

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