Cry Macho- Clint Eastwood’s latest comes off as a Soap

If you’re looking for Clint’s next big movie it won’t be here with Cry Macho, instead of you’re like me and felt like Million Dollar Baby just came off as Oscar bait and didn’t do anything for you. You will find the same issue with Cry Macho.

The most impressive thing about Cry Macho isn’t anything to deal with the acting or directing of Clint Eastwood, it’s the fact he’s still kicking strong making movies of such high caliber while they may not always be worth your while. It’s inspiring to see Clint have such command and one can only hope to see someone like Nicolas Cage still do it at this age.

The acting other than Clint Eastwood in Cry Macho makes it feel like a made-for-tv film and one that could put you to sleep if you do not have the will power to stay awake for an hour and 44 minutes. It’s a doozy and one you would not expect Clint to make such a flop

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