Spencer Review[Kristen Stewart’s career best]

Spencer is now in the top four films of the year alongside ‘Coda’ and ‘Small Engine Repair’ and ‘Pig’. It is a surprising film to say the least, easy to think of it as Oscar-Bait.

However, what the cast and crew do here is marvelous, Kristen Stewart will even make the haters cheer for her to win that Oscar this year since the Golden Globes are no more.

Kristen Stewart is a great actress; she gets a bad rep for being in those Twilight movies that were supposed to be competition for the Harry Potter movies that never reached past the chick-flick crowd. She was also in one of the best horror films last year in ‘Underwater’ so it’s time for the national audience to take notice of what she is capable of. I loved every second of her in ‘Spencer’ , a true knockout performance I can go on for days talking about just her in the film. 

The tension created in the second and third acts are beautifully crafted by director Pablo Larrain, its uncanny the way he takes you into Princess Diana’s mind almost making you think she’s losing it just as much as Jack Nicholson did in The Shining, making some of ‘Spencer’ feel like a straight up horror movie at times. It’s an Oscar Worthy directing job from Pablo as well. He is sure to be a lock to be nominated just like Kristen Stewart is. 

Overall, Spencer does take a while to get going but once the opening title appears on screen ‘Spencer’ will grip you to your seat and never let you go. 

Overall Grade: 5/5 stars

Written By: AJ Friar

Published by Infamous Movies

My name is AJ Friar. I am the owner of Infamous Movies this is a site where we review more than just horror. Including Comedies, Dramas, Science Fiction, documentaries and more.

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