Marry Me is the best surprise to come out of the month of February in a very long time, February is a month known to movie buffs as one of the worst months to distribute movies. Knowing that the Oscars nominations get revealed, the movies coming that weekend are usually trashed by critics, and fans alike.

However, the charm between Owen Wilson’s unlikely pairing with Jennifer López is such an odd couple move, it works gloriously, Jennifer hasn’t been this committed to a role in a long time, probably since her series with the great Ray Liotta. Proving once again she is more than just a mega Popstar, she can act with the best of them. Owen Wilson is also a pleasant surprise in Marry Me, as I suspected this to be one big eye roll throughout the film, but the performances helped elevate the by-the-numbers screenplay.

There are a few flaws in this movie including it’s writing is not that great, and the Universal/NBC plugs of self promotion as they use Jimmy Fallon as the talk show host, some of me wishes they went with Seth Meyers, in the end it’s all about the performances and the music sequences also sound great, see it in RPX if you can. It’s a great Valentine’s Day movie for you and your significant other.

Overall Grade: 2.5/5 stars
Written By: AJ Friar

Published by Infamous Movies

My name is AJ Friar. I am the owner of Infamous Movies this is a site where we review more than just horror. Including Comedies, Dramas, Science Fiction, documentaries and more.

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