When you think of movies aimed toward kids what do you usually think of? Well, honestly I guarantee that you are automatically thinking most parents will roll their eyes at every joke or pop culture reference in that said film. However, the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise has surely elevated it away from that equation. The casting department for the franchise so far has knocked it out of the park. Ben Schwartz as the titular character of Sonic is an energetic choice for Sonic that not a lot of actors can bring.

While the first Sonic is often considered by many as one of the best video game adaptations on screen, it’s hard for the sequel to live up to it or even surpass it. Sonic the Hedgehog goes toe to toe with the original containing the same amount of laughs, if not more. Jim Carrey was a tad annoying to me at first with his one-liners that was intended for children. On the other hand, now after his performance sat with me for a few days it is worthy of a Golden Globe for best actor in a comedy or musical. He’s the only human actor for half of the film.

I have already heard people complain about Idris Elba being miscast as Knuckles, I am sure those people do not realize that Idris Elba was supposed to have a stoic approach to his character, because of how they wrote Knuckles in the sequel. Colleen O’Shaughnessey as Tails was a unique choice that worked out to the film’s advantage to bringing the right amount of heart to it.

Idris Elba as Knuckles

James Marsden does a fine job in the sequel as well, almost being a father figure to Sonic. The new addition to the cast, Shemar Moore as Randall fits right in with the returning cast members of the first Sonic The Hedgehog. For a family film that needs to be seen on the big screen it needs to be on a large premium format such as 4DX, RPX, and Dolby Cinema at AMC. You can feel the sound and in one of those formats you and the kids will have tons of fun.

Written By: AJ Friar
Overall grade: 3/5 stars

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