Brian and Charles is a type of movie that depends how much you love British quirkyness to enjoy it. I rather find myself laughing at quirky British series and movies, however, Brian and Charles struggle to maintain their comedy after the extremely funny opening act. The quirky comedy is a bit too much in Brian and Charles, or maybe it just went over my head most of the time. To me, it’s a misfire by Focus Features.

David Earl and Chris Hayward, pull off dual duties here as the stars and writers of Brian and Charles, while their acting isn’t terrible the screenplay could have used some help with moving along the pacing, the film felt two hours long rather than ninety minutes. Jim Archer also does a horrible job with directing the feature, it seems like nothing is going on through the runtime.

However, one highlight of Brian and Charles is the production design by Hannah Purdy Foggin, her work is a marvel, especially with Charles and the scenery. In the end, Brian and Charles may be a waste of your time at the movies, which is such a shame because I wanted to love this film.

Overall Grade: 1/5 stars
Written By: AJ Friar

Published by Infamous Movies

My name is AJ Friar. I am the owner of Infamous Movies this is a site where we review more than just horror. Including Comedies, Dramas, Science Fiction, documentaries and more.

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