I Love My Dad is a movie that sometimes will ruffle the feathers of its audience, especially those that could be triggered easily or not so easily. It’s a unique film experience that will definitely go down as one of the weirdest movies you’ve seen in your life that wasn’t on Mystery Science Theater 3000 or Rifftrax. It’s even harder to describe unless you’re willing to venture out and check it out on your own.

It features the backdrop of an estranged father-son relationship that is at its peak cringe comedy at its finest, at its low point it can be perceived by some as treating suicide attempts and mental health issues lightly. While it is not all misguided there are some definite moments as someone who deals with depression I found myself cringing at the story where a father would do this to his own son. Albeit the father did misunderstand advice he got from a friend when he talked about creating fake profiles spying on his ex.

This is to where it’s scary being on social media apps, especially if you’re looking to date on apps. This kind of story is what our parents would warn us about AOL Instant Messenger back in the 2000’s and the chat rooms were like a dark web’s wet dream. Move forward to his son finally coming out of his shell and feeling like he is falling in love with the girl of his dreams and his father is idly standing by while participating in eventually breaking his son back down to ground zero.

If this was a road trip movie I think we would be better off taking away the mental illness of the son away because how it’s mishandled in the film so badly, while Patton Oswalt does deliver a great performance as well as Lil Rel Howrey in the screen time he’s given, he finally delivers a serious role and nails it. In the end, you’re rather going to be in the boat that didn’t get anything from this movie, or you’ll end up enjoying it. I’m still trying to decide where I stand with the film.

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Overall Grade: 2/5 stars

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