Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and The Band

Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and The Band is one of the most satisfying and entertaining documentaries of the year that is a sure-fire shoo-in for a best documentary Oscar nomination come year-end. Ever since High School, I’ve been engaged in spreading my knowledge of music and one of my best friends was introducing me […]

Why Don’t You Just Die Review

Why Don’t you Just Die is a relentlessly entertaining action-packed movie that is one of the years best and a must-see for every action and horror fan. It features witty action sequences that rival Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez. While this year is different for movies with theaters being temporarily closed for the foreseeable future, if […]


Time Warp has been the most entertaining documentary of the year this far. Including actors and directors spanning from Kevin Pollack, Jeff Goldblum, Joe Dante, Sid Haig, Bruce Campbell, George A. Romero. It spans from Night of the Living Dead to breaking down The Evil Dead, Blade Runner, The Devils Rejects. It’s a really fun […]

The True History of The Kelly Gang review

The True History of The Kelly Gang is a truly mesmerizing true story that has to be seen to be believed. The cast is pitch-perfectly cast. From Charlie Hunnam’s menacing performance to Nicholas Hoult’s charisma and George MacKay’s emotionally driven performance that may be better than his from 1917. Thomasin McKenzie from the memorable Jojo […]