Road Games(1981) Blu-Ray Review

Road Games(1981) Blu-Ray Review

Scream Factory has done it again and this why I compare them to Criterion. They simply handpick movies that are some unknown and lesser-known film starring well-known actors and this is no different. I have honestly never heard of Road Games until they sent me the movie to review and it was very stunning. The transfer was spot on and gorgeous the audio was also amazing to hear on my 7.1 surround system. The movie itself was a great slow-burn movie that is kind of a unique spin o ’Duel’ and ’Wake in Fright’ you could tell movies like this influenced current greats like The Coen Brothers.

If you are not already familiar with the movie the synopsis is as follows.

An Australian trucker (Stacy Keach) picks up a hitchhiking heiress (Jamie Lee Curtis) and the trail of a killer in a green van.

There are tons of new special features on the Scream Factory release including tons of interviews featuring Stacy Keach. 1980 Script Read with Stacy Keach and Marion Edwards. Composer Brian May Music Demos accompanied by stills and poster gallery, Kangaroo Hitchcock the making of Road Games, Audio interviews with Richard Franklin, Stacy Keach and Grant Page.

Overall grade:

5/5 another stunner from Scream Factory!!!

Robin’s Wish Review

Let’s ask if it were really Robin Willams wish for this documentary to come out? There was painfully cringing moments throughout the documentary that just makes the viewer want to break down. I don’t think Robin would want his audience to feel that way during a documentary about his final days and how poor in health he truly was.

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The Binge Review

The Binge is a truly awful film that is the first Must-Miss movie of the year, we as critics often talk about Must-See movies but never bring up a movie that is a Must-Miss. Now I was really looking forward to The Binge, from the trailer it looked like Vince Vaughn was at the top of game and sure this movie has its moments where you can chuckle but not even to sing it’s praises.

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Fugitive Dreams(Fantasia 2020) Review

Fugitive Dreams May be the most beautifully made movie playing at this years Fantasia International Film Festival. If it does get eligible for Academy Awards it should be up for best cinematography. The blocking of the film is incredible and is one of the better play adaptations of the year.

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The Oak Room Fantasia 2020 Review

The Oak Room is a perfect example of how to keep tensions high at all times with two people in the same room. Now I love two people shows on thrillers where dialogues and monologues keep the plot going and R.J. Mitte from Breaking Bad goes all out here and nails it!

When covering Fantasia your expectations on the films selected are really high, knowing how prestigious the festival is. The Oak Room is no exception to the selections. It’s a really tense thriller that keeps you going from the jump.

The cinematography and sound design are spectacular with The Oak Room. Everybody from the crew shines to help bring The Oak Room to life, it must be a real treat for the cast and crew to see their finished product because I’m sure it didn’t have a big budget but it feels like it did and it never suffered because of the budget.

Overall grade:

4/5 stars

Written By:

AJ Friar

Hail To The Deadites(Fantasia 2020 Review)

Hail to the deadites is a really emotional documentary for all Evil Dead fans and it really works with it’s fantastic fan service. Sometimes when a documentary gets made about the fans of the film it never delivers in retrospective stock footage from the previous films to fan interviews from all over the world. Including a special shout out to good friend John Fallon.

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You Cannot Kill David Arquette(Fantasia 2020 Review)

You Cannot Kill David Arquette is a really touching documentary about David Arquette’s trials and tribulations on trying to be a serious wrestler in a sport where none of the fans seem to want him to be a part of. It must be such a daunting task to think training for a sport in which no one takes you seriously but all in all, that’s a part of everyday life.

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Dinner In America(Fantasia 2020 Review)

Director Adam Carter Rehmeier may have created the most fun movie of the year that may fly under everyone’s radar while instantly becoming a cult classic in the making. Dinner In America has the most punk rock feel-good vibe of the year and most entertaining of its kind since Scott Pilgrim Vs The World.

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