Critters Attack! Fantasia 2019 Review!

Critters Attack is the newest entry of the lucrative cult favorite franchise “Critters” which previously had 4 entries that were all PG-13 this is the first one in the franchise that is rated “R” but it is a TV movie for SYFY as well so I don’t know how viewers will be able to tell the rating here will make that much of a difference when it came to the original installments over the years. I didn’t see much of the original franchise I did see Critters 2 and Critters A New Binge! This is more of the lines of Critters A New Binge. All though it does feature a wonderful cameo from Dee Wallace. If you were some the people that enjoyed the Shudder original I’m sure this will be up your alley. I don’t think these films are aimed towards me but I did find quite a few highlights along the way that I found myself enjoying the 85 minute runtime of the new feature film. I like campy films like this so I did find myself enjoying the campiness of the plot which can be at times silly. The acting here is much more invested then I thought the Shudder original Critters A New Binge! Was you can tell the budget effected the designs of the creatures and made them look a little silly as well. Yes I have seen enough of the previous takes to understand that this is generally what they look like but with a slightly better effort they could have looked really cool. I just found the design to be below a B movie production value. This does work better as a feature length movie than it would as a stretched out show on TV however. I do think a miniseries with the right budget can bring out wonders for the Critters revival. Were not quite there yet but this was a decent effort.


The Art of Self Defense Fantasia 2019 review

The Art of Self Defense review Fantasia 2019

Yes this is a horror site and this has been billed as a dark offbeat comedy from its marketing campaign but a film this dark with horror elements in the third act is sublime. First off. I was expecting this to be a Coens Bros esque movie which is was for the most part but imagine if they made Nightcrawler. This is what you would receive and it is glorious and the most metal film of the year. Jesse Essienberg gives the performance of his career as Casey facing his poor job at showing his masculinity and choosing karate to learn self confidence along with becoming the alpha male which is a hilarious bit because nowadays what is masculinity it’s changed so much from the 60’s, 70’s to now where we’ll you know it’s a very controversial subject in films and in the workplace as well. Back to the movie Imogen Poots is surreal in this film channeling her The Green Room days she has so much range from films like this and The Lonely Island movie she was in “Popstar” where she was flipping hilarious. I keep hearing from people in the industry that she is just a treasure. Also going back to the beginning of the review there are twist and turns to make this a horror story. It’s so well crafted and beautifully acted. From the supporting players like the scene stealing Phillip Andre from IFC Midnights “Pledge” and gosh darn it Alessandro Nivola deserves award talk for his performance as Sensei! This is a movie that screams for multiple viewings. I’ll see it again in theaters when it’s released nationwide July 19th!