Minamata Review: A Career Best from Johnny Depp


In 1971, photographer W. Eugene Smith travels to Minamata, Japan, a coastal city ravaged by mercury poisoning. Ushered by an impassioned translator and encouraged by local villagers, Smith’s powerful images expose decades of gross negligence.

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Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Review: A Sequel That Lives Up to the Hype

When you think of movies aimed toward kids what do you usually think of? Well, honestly I guarantee that you are automatically thinking most parents will roll their eyes at every joke or pop culture reference in that said film. However, the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise has surely elevated it away from that equation. The casting department for the franchise so far has knocked it out of the park. Ben Schwartz as the titular character of Sonic is an energetic choice for Sonic that not a lot of actors can bring.

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Moon Knight Review: A Dark and Grounded Marvel approach.

Moon Knight has been described by Kevin Feige as the most mature series Disney+ has done to date, and while this is still rated “TV-14” here in the states, there’s a lot more than meets the eye with its rating. It deals with heavy subject matters that some of us may not want to talk about, especially some parents who want light entertainment with their children. Which is why I’m glad Marvel took this route with Moon Knight.

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Michael Bisping interview for his documentary Bisping

The other week we got to inter Michael Bisping the MMA fighter for his new documentary Bisping which is now out most Video on Demand services. Hope you enjoy the interview. Be sure to get more info on the documentary here: https://bispingdoc.com/

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The Outfit Review: Dylan O’Brien and Zoey Deutch shine in this Noir throwback

The Outfit is a stylish gangster flick, that will take you back to the noir films of the ’30s, ‘40s, and ‘50s. Where it was cool to have quick witty dialogue as the rhythm dictation for the film’s speed. Dylan O’ Brien and Zoey Deutch are in top form, as well as the always fantastic Mark Rylance who is a delicate scene-stealer.

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Iliana Sosa interview for What We Leave Behind (2022 SXSW Coverage)

Last week we began covering the film festival South By Southwest and we took a look at an intimate elegant documentary from liana Sosa as she took a journey with her grandfather.

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What We Leave Behind Review (SXSW 2022 Coverage)

What We Leave Behind, is an engaging documentary about Iliana Sosa taking the audience on an intimate journey about her grandfather and a growing bond between granddaughter and grandfather. The cinematography and photography stands out in the documentary in a breathtaking landscape of scenery.

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