On The Rocks review

Bill Murray and Rashida Jones are absolutely lovable to watch in On The Rocks. When I first it, I wasn’t too blown away by it but it was still rather enjoyable and better than most films this year and I think that falls on the weight of the casts shoulders. Even Marlon Wayans is fantastic in a down to earth performance that thankfully doesn’t require him to do physical humor.

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Poor Drowning Greg review

Poor Drowning Greg is a decent comedy with a whole lot of heart put into it. Graham Sibley is a real force as Greg. He delivers a tour de force performance that really captures the heart of the film. What Graham Sidley and the director Jeffrey Scott Collins does with Poor Drowning Greg is nothing short of admirable.

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Misbehaviour review

Misbehaviour is a remarkable film about women rights, which is still somehow in 2020 a topic we still need to push for. Keira Knightley delivers an all-time performance as Jessie Buckley also steals the show in Misbehaviour but Jesse is known to do that win all the films she’s in including the terrific Judy in which she should have gained a best-supporting actress nomination.

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Robin’s Wish Review

Let’s ask if it were really Robin Willams wish for this documentary to come out? There was painfully cringing moments throughout the documentary that just makes the viewer want to break down. I don’t think Robin would want his audience to feel that way during a documentary about his final days and how poor in health he truly was.

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The Binge Review

The Binge is a truly awful film that is the first Must-Miss movie of the year, we as critics often talk about Must-See movies but never bring up a movie that is a Must-Miss. Now I was really looking forward to The Binge, from the trailer it looked like Vince Vaughn was at the top of game and sure this movie has its moments where you can chuckle but not even to sing it’s praises.

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Fugitive Dreams(Fantasia 2020) Review

Fugitive Dreams May be the most beautifully made movie playing at this years Fantasia International Film Festival. If it does get eligible for Academy Awards it should be up for best cinematography. The blocking of the film is incredible and is one of the better play adaptations of the year.

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