Those Who Wish me dead features a stunning Angelina Jolie-Review

Those who wish me dead features phenomenal acting from Angelina Jolie and May be her best role since Wanted. However, when it comes to the plot it’s rather thin and a by the numbers story we’ve all seen far too often. If it wasn’t for the performances of the cast that elevated the material it could have worked as a straight to VOD movie and we wouldn’t have batted an eye at it.

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Bill Morrison Interview for The Turner Classic Movie’s Film Festival

AJ got the chance to speak with Bill Morrison about how he puts old short films with music and what got him interested in doing it. Also how his relationship with the TCM Film Festival has evolved over the years.

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The Truffle Hunters Review-Interesting documentary about Dog Truffle Hunters

The Truffle Hunters is a heartwarming interesting documentary because it explores dogs being truffle hunters, when it is typically the pig’s job to be truffle hunters. We see relationships from the dog’s owners through out the film that will put a smile on your face. I am not sure how a lot of people will react to a documentary about Truffle’s as I do not think it is such a huge thing in the states, though they are delicious.

However, it is an insightful documentary about what goes into the art of truffle’s and all its extravagant hunting which is almost like its own octoberfest.  People that do seek this documentary out will rather enjoy seeing the dogs hunt all through out the film and being rewarded by their owners. There are not any gut-wrenching scenes in the documentary which Is very pleasant.

The Truffle Hunters, I think would be best suited for most viewers in the states as a streaming platform viewing. Such as Amazon prime video, Netflix or Hulu depending on which one will stream it first. I do not think it will be fun enough for a whole lot of people to go seek out desperately in theaters as of now. It will do just as fine as a home viewing.

Without Remorse Review- Best Tom Clancy movie adaptation in decades

Without Remorse in any other year(s) would have made a huge dent in the box office with fans of Tom Clancy and Michael B. Jordan alike would be in huge flocks to see one of the finest Tom Clancy adaptations in decades.

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Four Good Days Review- Poignant drama with powerhouse performances

Four Good Days is a new drama about painkiller addiction, it’s probably the best one we got this year including ‘Crisis’ and ’Painkillers’. The performances are top notch and Oscar Worthy. It’s phenomenal direction by Rodrigo Garcia who also co-wrote the screenplay gave the story and characters so much depth and agony, including the side characters.

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Moffie review-South Africa’s take on a new Full Metal Jacket


A young man drafted into South Africa’s military, but he knows he is different and must keep himself hidden. However, when another recruit develops an intimate relationship with them, they are now both in danger

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The Rookies review- a misfire in a James Bond, Lupin the 3rd ripoff

The rookies, unfortunately may be a front runner for the razzies next year with some of the worst dubbing I have ever seen. Yet I’m not surprised to see Milla Jovovich do a movie like this as it is rare for me to find her a likeable actor. The roles that are tailor made for her always seem so bland and lacking personality, for instance, how most people perceive Kristen Stewart is how I perceive Milla.

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