Joe Bell review- Marky Mark’s best since The Departed

Once upon a time after ‘Three Kings’ Mark Wahlberg was on a misery streak in his career, misfire after misfire. Flop after flop, then it took a turn somewhere after ‘I heart Huckabees’ then his formula with flops would continue with ‘Max Payne’ and ‘The Happening’

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Embattled Blu-Ray Review

Embattled is personally my favorite movie of the past decade or so that deals with MMA or boxing of any kind. It features a great story that you find yourself rooting for characters that has not been done in a movie like Embattled for an extremely long time. Stephen Dorff also has not been this great since ‘Felon’

Written by David McKenna who knows how to write an engrossing story. He also wrote Blow and American History X, American History X being one of his most satisfying scripts but Embattled is his best in a long time as well. IFC Films picked a keeper and a homerun here with Embattled.

The supporting cast is phenomenal, including a scene stealing Donald Faison (TV’s Scrubs) who is extremely likable as Mr. Stewart. Darren Mann gives a strong admirable performance as Cash Boykin’s son Jett who is anything but his father. Elizabeth Reaser makes everything out of her role of Susan the mother of Jett and Brain (played by Drew Scheid).

Overall, if you are already into boxing movies and MMA movies a ton then you are going to love and adore Embattled as it is rich in wearing its heart on its sleeve and having care of a genuine story that is much more than beating up characters to a bloody pulp.

Overall Grade: 3.5/5 stars

Written By: AJ Friar

Side notes

The Blu-Ray doesn’t come with a lot of special features only two special features are included. Which are the making of featurette a descriptive audio track and a theatrical trailer.

Percy Vs Goliath review

Percy vs Goliath is a run of the mill for the base of its courtroom drama movie genre. It feels much more like a paycheck movie for most involved, when I say that I mean a lot of people are phoning in their performances Walken probably hasn’t been in a great movie since Pulp Fiction. His string of bad performances continue here with Percy Vs Goliath.

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Those Who Wish me dead features a stunning Angelina Jolie-Review

Those who wish me dead features phenomenal acting from Angelina Jolie and May be her best role since Wanted. However, when it comes to the plot it’s rather thin and a by the numbers story we’ve all seen far too often. If it wasn’t for the performances of the cast that elevated the material it could have worked as a straight to VOD movie and we wouldn’t have batted an eye at it.

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Bill Morrison Interview for The Turner Classic Movie’s Film Festival

AJ got the chance to speak with Bill Morrison about how he puts old short films with music and what got him interested in doing it. Also how his relationship with the TCM Film Festival has evolved over the years.

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