The Deeper You Dig review

The Deeper you Dig is a hidden gem masterpiece amongst this years crowded Fantasia International Film Festival which I’ve seen some of my favorites of the year including The Art of Self Defense, The Gangster The Cop The Devil, Shadow, now comes The Deeper you dig.

If you been following me for a while you know how much I love films that focus on their atmosphere and ambiance verses jump scares. This film delivers on all levels when it comes to atmosphere ambiance and storytelling.

I just reviewed Jades Asylum which didn’t exactly strive where The Deeper You Dig does. First of all hats off to John Adams who stars as Kurt he just commands the hell out of the screen. We’ve seen films struggle where the director in his case Co-director also write the screenplay and is the main villain just completely backfire in a ton of indie films. He more than succeeds in all this responsibility I cannot give him more than enough credit in the masterful performance he gives in the movie. It’s phenomenal.

Toby Poser who stars as Ivy gives just an incredibly grounded and emotional driven performance that will stick with you for days. Toby is also the co director of The a Deeper You Dig as well. It’s just amazing how they co directed this. Zelda Adams also gives a really strong performance as Echo. If you have the chance to see this at Fantasia or when it is released check it out. It’s just stunning.

Final score:

5/5 stars.

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