The Perished FrighFest 2019 review

The Perished is a unique indie horror film that is just dripping of amazing atmosphere and ambiance that is reminiscent of The Witch and It Comes at Night. In this day and age it’s tough to watch movies that deal with tragedy knowing that the word is in a tailspin right now. You can’t escape it. What Paddy Murphy does here is simply in a word breathtaking. This is the first piece of work I’ve seen from him and also the first time I’ve spoken to him he’s got a real knack for film and acknowledges what psychological drama thrillers came before him which is incredible and it shows in his work. This is reminiscent of early Scorsese and Stanley Kubricks sense of dread this film is not to be missed. If you’re at Fright Fest I’d highly recommend seeing this one it’s one of the best films along with Troma films Mutant Blast playing.

Final grade:

3.5/5 stars


Sarah Dekker is dealing with the trauma of an Abortion. Shunned by her mother and dumped by her boyfriend, she recovers at an old parochial house. Unbeknownst to her the house is the site of a mass baby grave – They need a mother.

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