The other week we got to inter Michael Bisping the MMA fighter for his new documentary Bisping which is now out most Video on Demand services. Hope you enjoy the interview. Be sure to get more info on the documentary here:

AJ: Did you get a chance to watch the finish product

Michael Bisping: I did. Well, I’ve seen this final one. I’m very happy with it. We went through about four or five different cuts, there there’s a lot of when I watched it, I realized there was some pieces missing. We need to add this in and yada yada. So it was a long process.I’m happy with where it’s at.

AJ: What were some of your favorite interviews or some of your favorite segments from Bisping that you seen?

Michael: Yeah, the words from Vin Diesel when he comes on there, I mean, he has some good lines and of course, you know, he is filming in front of his car from the fast and the furious and whatnot. I love it. Where Mickey walks chatting away, he pulls, pulls a shotgun out from behind his chair names, HES at the camera. That’s hilarious hearing. Some of the people like Rashard Evans near the end of the movie, he’s crying a little bit and stuff and it just, it just blows my mind, to see the warmth that the use of words that people used to describe me and some of what I did. And it makes me feel a little weird talking about this stuff, you know, but yeah, it’s incredible. And of course, you know, they did a great job in telling the stories.

AJ: Right. And you know, I’m not that big into MMA or boxing or any of that really. But when I was launching the documentary, I was really fascinated with your story and where you came from and how you faced adversity in the ring. So if you had any fights that you were specifically involved with or not involved, and you were talking to a newcomer to the sport to become a fan, what would some of the fights you would highlight and tell them about?

Michael: Of my fights?

AJ: Or any in general.

Michael: Fights? Yeah. So I would, there’s two in particular. No, there’s three, when I fought Conley, when I fought and Anderson Silva, and when I fought Dan Henderson, the second one, the first one, I get knocked out viciously, but the second one, it’s a great fight. He almost knocks me out in the first two rounds. My face is a mess, but I beat the crap out of him for the next three rounds and get the job done those three.

AJ: You went through a few cuts of the documentary, so is there anything on the cutting room floor per se that you really wanted to be in the documentary, but there was really no time for it, or it just didn’t fit in particular with the story that you were telling.

Michael: Yeah. I don’t think so. I mean, that was one of the issues we got so much footage, you know, condensing it down to, you know, to of the, the length that it is. That was one of the hard parts. But I think we kept in the vital bits that are needed, you know, the crucial parts to telling the story, you know, I didn’t see everything from some of the interviews on some of the other people. So, you know, I wasn’t privy to that. I wasn’t in the room when they did the interview, so God knows what they said. Maybe they just picked the best bits, you know, maybe they were kind with that, but yeah. Yeah. I’m not sure, you know, I’m, as I say, I’m very happy with where it’s at.

AJ: Yeah. And you know, this film is getting ready to come out. So how does that feel for everybody involved with you and the other, Michael, who is the director of this? How do you guys feel with this? Getting ready to come out?

Michael: Yeah. I mean, it’s been a long time coming, so we’re finally very excited. We, I fly out to England on Friday, then I’ll land in Manchester. You know, we got tons of PR, we’ve got a screening on Monday night, we’ve got a premier there. Then we’ve got another screen on the Wednesday in London. So yeah, it’s surreal, you know, I never thought would I have a film about my fight career, my life story, you know, so it’s incredible. It’s surreal, it’s humbling. It’s exciting, you know, and then Monday, all my family’s gonna come and watch it. My mom and dad are gonna be in the audience and stuff like that. So I’m a little nervous when they watch you. They go, what the hell you threw was right under a bus. But, uh, Hey, that’s the truth. That’s the story. That’s what happened.

AJ: Right. And so when you were watching this documentary, are there any moments you were like, man, I kept going after that fight, after, you know, thats and everything that you’ve gotten over your career, was there any moments you kind of even cringed during watching this documentary?

Michael:. I mean, every time I’ve seen this, uh, it always brings me to tears because, you know, I’m speaking very openly and from the hardest stuff. And then when I watch it, it brings back all those emotions, you know, and I’m trying to think of specific parts, but I can’t, anytime my children and my wife are talking about that brings me to tears. You know, when I was still fighting, the thought of quitting or anything like that, never ever once occurred to me now, I’ve been retire a number of years and I look back and I think, what was this guy thinking? He was out of his mind, what was he doing? You’ve got one eye. You can’t fight. But at the time, I guess, ignorance whatever you wanna call it. The thought of calling it a day and packing it all in never occurred to me once.

AJ: Well thank you so much for moving us Michael Bisping it’s been really fun and congratulations.

Written By: AJ Friar

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